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Heraklion - Archaeological Museum

Published on: 2012-06-26 22:53:36
The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion is the richest in Exhibits on Crete

In the Archaeological museum the most important findings from the Minoan Era in Heraklion prefecture are on display. It is still under reconstruction, however the most popular exhibits are on display in a smaller exhibition right next to the main museum. Exhibits include the figurine of Snake Goddess, the Phaestos Disc, Prince with Lilies fresco, Bull Leaping fresco, The Bees of Malia pendant, the Sarcophagus of Agia Triada and more.
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00-20:00, Sunday-Monday 9:00-17:00
Hatzidaki str. (temporary exhibition),
Tickets 4€
T. +30 2810 279099

  • Phaistos Disc - Phaistos Disc
  • Bull leaping - Bull leaping