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Tips 4 the beach

Published on: 2012-07-28 11:40:31
Tips to follow under the sun and heat.

Exposure to the sun is healthy under conditions.

· Do not leave your hotel room without your hat, sunglasses and your sun block.
· Make sure you choose the right SPF depending on your skin type and renew it regularly. A wise choice would be natural bio products, look for them at local stores.
· Keep hydrating yourself! Drink lots of liquids and eat lots of fruits.
· Make a good plan, Crete is full of beautiful beaches for all tastes: popular or isolated, sandy or rocky, organized or plain. Take with you all that you need before setting off.
· Boost your ego! Buy your self a colorful swimming suite. For the ladies a matching pareo is an ideal outfit most of the day.

Eat fruits. - Eat fruits.
Use sunbeds and sun umbrellas. - Use sunbeds and sun umbrellas.