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City Tour Rethymno

Published on: 2012-04-17 07:27:55
Navigate through this renaissance city.

A walk in the Old Town of Rethymno.

The Venetian Harbour was built around 1300 and its lighthouse (built by Ottomans) is the landmark of Rethymno. Following a narrow path you reach Loggia, the Lords of the Town Headquarters during Venetian Times. Walk down Paleologu Str to find Rimondi Fountain which was the provider of water for the Venetians. At Arabatzoglou Str turn left to visit Minaret and the assembly of Venetian (St Francesco Church) and Ottoman (School, Mosque) buildings. Walk through Vernadu Str and enter the small square of the Lady Of Angels Church, a Dominican Church in the past. Here and around exist many wooden Kiosks, remains of Ottoman era and beautiful curved Stone Gates. Walk down Nikiforu Foka Str to visit the Majestic Fortezza fortress. Down Melissinu Str you reach the Prefecture’s Quarters, a Grand Neoclassical building. Enter Koronaiou Str and wander around the numerous narrow streets. At the end of the street return to Nikiforu Foka Str and walk it up. You are now at Central Square and Garden area. The Porta Guerra was the entry into the Venetian Town of Rethymno. At the end of the street opposite Town Hall there is the impressive Veli Pascha Mosque, now operating as Paleontological museum. At Unknown Soldier square the well restored Mosque of Kara Mussa Pascha is worth taking a photo.