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City Tour Hania

Published on: 2012-04-17 15:28:37
Discover the traditional city of Hania

A walk in the Old Town of Hania.

Hania is a town with a very long history that starts from the Minoan Era when it was called Kydonia, a very important city - state due to its port and the sea trade. The Palace of Kydonia lies under the modern city and that’s why it hasn’t been excavated. Since that era, Venetian, Arabs and Ottomans conquered and left their “mark” in the town. In 1898 Hania became the capital of the semi-autonomous Cretan state until 1913 when Crete was officially united with Greece. Have a walk in the Old Port towards the Lighthouse while enjoying a panoramic view of various Venetian, Ottoman and Neoclassical buildings. In the Harbour you can see Kiutsuk Hasan Mosque, the Maritime Museum and the Firka Fortress. The Byzantine Collection, behind Firka, is at an entrance of the old town where many restored buildings date back to the Middle ages. Admire the Franciscan monastery San Salvatore (15th century) and the neoclassical and old Venetian buildings at Theotokopulu str. Wander in the narrow paths and streets and discover the town history through the ages. Exit Zambeliou str. to Chalidon str. where the Archaeological Museum, the Hamam, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Cathedral will draw your attention. Buy souvenirs and herbs at the Municipal Market. Beautiful Neoclassical buildings are found at Tzanakaki, Nearchou, Sfakianaki str. & Eleftherias Square.