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Published on: 2012-04-17 20:54:56
A beach that can compare itself to the world known Indonesian Island.

An international name for a village with gulf sandy beaches where summer cocktails and fresh fish depict an overall exotic image.

Right in the midway between Rethymno and Heraklion, you find Bali with its popular sandy gulf beaches, where visitors can enjoy calm waters regardless the winds that blow. It is very  well organized with numerous restaurants, bars, fish-taverns, shops and accommodation facilities both alongside the sandy beaches as well as a little further up to the hills that surround the beaches. Access is easy as there are entrances and exits to the National Road with many signs. Bali in Turkish means honey, which is where the village took its name from, as there were many bee-keepers in the area. Tip: try fish here, and enjoy the scenery from up the hills.

  • Bali large gulf. - Bali large gulf.
  • Bali 2nd gulf. - Bali 2nd gulf.
  • Bali in the evening. - Bali in the evening.
  • The Bali gulfs. - The Bali gulfs.