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Agios Pavlos

Published on: 2012-04-17 22:27:47
A quiet beach that serves as a starting point to explore many smaller beaches all around

Agios Pavlos beach is an isolated small sandy beach, with basic facilities that is an ideal beach for relaxing and living close to nature.

The beach is accessible either through the road from Akoumia, or from Saktouria. Either way, pay attention to the signs as the roads here are serpentines. On the beach there are a few facilities available, but what makes it attractive, is the chance to walk around the area that expands in both directions and find your own spot where you can lay your beach towel and enjoy the crystal clear sea and the hot sun without your clothes on.

  • The beach within the gulf. - The beach within the gulf.
  • A smaller beach nearby. - A smaller beach nearby.