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Published on: 2012-04-18 18:15:37
A somehow remote small village with facilities, a pebble beach and crystal clear deep blue seawater

Sougia is a quiet resort with enough facilities to satisfy those wanting to relax in a tranquil environment but not deprive themselves of entertainment and catering options.

Not far from Palaiochora, the quiet fish village of Sugia is another option for those wanting to spend a day within a quieter environment. You may access Sourgia from Palaiochora either by the rough route (Prodromi, 1 hour) or the easier route (Temenia, less than 40 minutes). The rough route takes you to sharp turns, high and steep cliffs, and wild green, in contrast to the feeling you will get once you reach Sougia. You will be thrilled with the absolute quietness, the slow pace of life in the few paths within the village, the delicious fresh fish and the organized pebble beach. The few friendly inhabitants make your time unforgettable. From here you can walk to the ancient town of Lissos through the nearby gorge in a little over an hour trekking, or visit the so-called Cyclops cave. Be sure to wear the appropriate shoes and have water with you, also pay attention to the signs leading you to your destination. Walking further on the east side, away from the village, nudism is allowed.

  • Pebbles, coarse sand and sand combination in one long beach. - Pebbles, coarse sand and sand combination in one long beach.
  • Pebble beach. - Pebble beach.
  • Wide beach. - Wide beach.
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