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Platanias - Agia Marina

Published on: 2012-04-18 20:07:50
The most popular tourist resort close to Hania town where the sandy beach and the intensive nightlife draw many tourists.

Platanias is only 10' away from Hania town easy accessible by bus, car or motorbike with a well organized sandy beach, quite crowded, with numerous facilities, shopping amenities and beach bars.

Right next to the town of Chania, and just after another popular resort –Agia Marina resort- the tourist resort of Platanias with its high class hotels and long sandy beach, offers a quick option for a swim to those staying into town. Frequent bus service and taxis can take you in less than 15 minutes to this resort. The place is an autonomous resort, which means you will find anything you need here and even do some shopping for your friends and family. Many clubs exist here that draw the locals and many tourists throughout the summer with parties and vivid nightlife.

  • Platanias view to Thodorou - Platanias view to Thodorou
  • Agia Marina. - Agia Marina.
  • Platanias organised beach. - Platanias organised beach.
  • Agia Marina. - Agia Marina.
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