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City Tour Heraklion

Published on: 2012-04-19 17:48:58
A walking tour within the Great Walls of Candia

Walk within the Great Walls of Heraklion City and admire the Venetian and Ottoman buildings that exist.

Heraklio (Candia) is the capital of Crete and the fifth largest city of Greece. Although a big city, it is rather enchanting in many ways! Heraklio is surrounded by imposing Venetian walls which integrate the fortress of Koule in the old port. Opposite Koule there are the Venetian Arsenals. Go up 25th August str “Planis street” and admire the neoclassical buildings, the Basilica of St Titus and at the end of the street the Loggia with the Lion’s Fountain (Morozini). St Marcos Basilica which today houses the Town Gallery is also there. Walk left through Dedalu Str. and let your eyes wander in the numerous shopping windows. Soon you reach Eleftherias Square where the Archaeological Museum, the “ark” of the Minoan Civilisation is situated. All around there are remains of the great walls of Chandakas. Enter Averof Str and reach Ottoman Filanthropic Fountain next to the Bembo fountain. Walking upwards Evans Avenue you reach the Great Arches at the Jesus Gate. From that point turn right. As you walk along the well maintained southern part of the Venetian Walls, you pass by the Martinengo Bastion and Kazantzakis tomb, then the Bethlehem Bastion and the extraordinary Great City Gate (Hanioporta). The church of Apostles Paul and Peter is by the beach front, at the end of the walls.