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Rethymno - Psiloreitis Mountain area

Published on: 2012-04-19 18:44:42
A driving through and near the top of Psiloreitis mountain and recommended stops.

This is a driving route that will take you to the most interesting places from the sea level to the top of the highest mountain of Crete.

This is a day excursion (max. 5 hours total drive) to the north-eastern part of the  Rethymnon Prefecture.
Setting off from Rethymno town, first stop is Maroulas where one may see remains of Venetian buildings. Next stop is at Arkadi Greek Orthodox Monastery, which is strongly connected to the resistance against the Ottomans. The Ancient Eleftherna is a must see archaeological site with relics since Prehistoric times up to the Early Byzantine Era. Margarites is a village popular for its pottery.
Melidoni cave is rich in Stalagmites and Stalactites. Take a break from driving to visit Axos, a great Acropolis of the ancient times. Sfendoni Cave is the largest one on the island with huge in size and grandeur Stalactites. Anogeia is the last village before the top of the mountain.
Further outside Anogeia, Nida Plateau offers a marvellous view. Walk to the Cave Ideon Antron, where Zeus was born.
If there is time left on the way down the mountain, drive on the main road to Heraklion and visit Bali for an evening meal or late afternoon coffee.
Last stop at Panormo on the way back to Rethymno for an evening drink.