Central Park

Olympian Guide Ref Code: AC-3463


Central Park

A stone's throw away from the park in the very heart of the city of
Iraklio, 'Central' is a favorite all-day spot for the urban crowds.
Here, one can sip an impeccable espresso, enjoy a wide range
of custom-made cocktails and beverages, or choose to indulge
in the culinary delights of our kitchen, always able & willing to cast
a cloud of shame to all but the most renowned gourmet restaurants...
From early morning on and during the rush hours of the day, here is
where one will meet this city's brightest people...
but 'Central' holds its reputation established on the quality
standard's of the place; everybody and their dog are well aware of the
different and varied moods this venue is able to easily accommodate,
even in the odd hours of day and night...


Arkoleontos 19,
Heraklion 71202


+30 2810346500