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Creative Cuisine

Apart from the beach, perhaps the ancient ruins, there is another method of getting to know an area, that of gastronomy.

Local dishes teach us much about the geophysical and climatic conditions, the local economy, even its history.

The cuisine of the Cretan countryside is not complex and sophisticated. It is though, smart, combining, tasty and different. It always uses olive oil and while using almost common food items and methods of preparation, flavor and appearance varies from region to region.
Depending on the geographical coordinates and the circumstances, the Cretan and the rustic Mediterranean cuisine were limited to simple but abundant materials, such as herbs and vegetables, or it showed hints of luxury and high consumption of meat, fish and cheese.
The extensive use of vegetables, herbs, fruits and olive oil is the difference between the Cretan diet and other Mediterranean countries. A combination of various food items together with artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, bulbs, olives, omelets and pies compose the cooking architecture of the Cretan Diet. These preparations are so varied and delicious that often is served as main meals

AVLI, for 24 years, constantly searches and suggests dishes from Crete and the Mediterranean to unprejudiced, adventurous and willing palates. In a Venetian mansion circa 1600 that continues to “live” until today, a group of young people is trying to reconcile memories of yesterday and materials to the eating habits of today.
We cook for you and preserve, as much as possible, the authenticity of the culture and tradition that surrounds us.We cook and fry ONLY with local organic extra virgin olive oil. We support the local production and economy
by buying products from small producers. We use only fresh fish, meats, cheeses and vegetables produced in Crete or Rethymno. We prefer organic produce.
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