Adespoto Music Taverna

Olympian Guide Ref Code: AC-2925


Adespoto Music Taverna

An old building which was destroyed by a bomb during World War II came alive once more thanks to a Chania stonemason and became a fabulous taverna loved by both locals and tourists. Stone walls full of flowers, a nostalgic atmosphere and exclusively Cretan cuisine with an emphasis on authentic Chania flavours and daily specials. The owner, a musician, plays Greek music every day along with other musicians.

In 2012 the taverna was one of the filming locations for the film «The Two Faces of January», starring Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen.


Sifaka & Melhisedek str, Maheradika,
Chania 73100


+30 2821051582
+30 6937151394